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Manufacturing Capabilities

by French Paper Co.

French Paper has almost unlimited custom paper manufacturing capabilities. With the lowest minimums available in the industry, French can make paper to match any color, weight or texture needed.

To request more info

about large custom making orders
call us directly at (269) 683-1100.

Custom Manufacturing

Let us help you create the perfect sheet of paper.

Below is a partial list of French Paper’s manufacturing capabilities. To learn more, please call (269) 683-1100.

  • Smallest Minimums

    French can manufacture custom paper orders in far smaller quantities than competing mills. The size of our mill allows us to be lean, efficient, and competitive while our technology and expert papermakers can’t be beat.

  • Custom Sizes

    Custom rolls can be produced in exact widths without the need for extra trimming. This means we can save you both time and money by shipping rolls or sheets manufactured to your exact size specifications.

  • Recycled Content

    French pioneered many of the recycled papermaking techniques of the 20th and 21st Centuries. Post-consumer, recycled, and FSC ® certified fibers are among the many choices for use in your papers.

  • Custom Color

    French is well known for having a vibrant selection of over 100 stock colors available for customers. Even so, French’s color chemist makes an art of matching any tone or hue that can be specified for custom orders.

  • Fast Turnaround

    French Paper’s ability to schedule custom paper runs at the drop of a hat is very unusual in the paper industry. As a small family mill, Jerry French himself might quote you the right price and schedule your job ASAP..

  • Zero Waste

    Custom orders often fit one designated use, unlike stock paper manufacturing which fit many needs. There is no wasted paper on the cutting room floor when we engineer your job for a perfect fit.

  • Custom Finishes

    French is famous for its many unique and distinctive paper finishes. There is an incredible diversity to the textures available, some visible to the eye or perceived by touch, but all bringing surprising depth to your job.

  • Thickness / Weight

    The weights commonly used in the paper industry do not always meet the needs of an unusual job. We can create ultra-thin sheets for cost/weight sensitive projects or super-thick board weights for packaging uses.

  • Custom Additives

    French Paper Company can make paper with nearly any additive imaginable. Papers made of grass clippings, shredded currency, and glitter have been shipped out into the world by French.

  • Green Manufacturing

    It’s no secret that French Paper Company generates its electricity with 100% hydropower, meaning that French has the smallest carbon footprint in the industry. Any custom color starts with “green.”

Custom Embossing

Not only can French manufacture paper in any color under the sun, French can also add texture to any custom order. Textures and finishes make paper feel as great as it looks. Learn more about our (almost) unlimited pattern embosses by calling (269) 683-1100.

In addition to all of French Paper Company’s custom papermaking capabilities, French also has over 500 papers in stock and ready to use. Take a look and see if one of French Paper’s stock sheets could serve your needs.